How to Upload Photos on GM Website

  1. Login and use your username and password.
  2. Go to Post and click Add New.
  3. Enter Title on the title box.
  4. Choose Visual and click Add Media.


5.  Choose Upload files and select all photos from your computer.

*Note:  Photo Size Dimensions: 780 × 520 , larger photos cannot be uploaded to avoid slow performance of the website.

6. Automatically all files will be checked to upload.


7. Click insert into post and wait until all photos are visible on the visual.

8. Below the photos, go to > Excerpt and add the information. Always use <br> to make new line. See sample below.


9. On the upper right side. Click on Set featured image and upload a photo. This will be displayed below the banner of your homepage.

*Note: Size Dimension: 365px x 596px, put atleast 75px white space on the height of a photo.

10. Choose the photo and upload. Click Set featured image.

11. Below the featured image check > Don’t display image on single post.

12. Check Featured on Categories.

13. Click Update.